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My upgrade path towards Windows 10

For the past year or so Microsoft has been tooting the marvelous qualities of their exalted Windows 10 upgrade, but so far this little beasty has left me unimpressed. Since the end of January I’ve been trying to install the damn silly thing into my hardware getup, for I wanted to test run the software and how it supposedly runs so well in ancient hardware.

It would have been easier, of course, if I had gone the just-update-it approach that the Windows 10 upgrade offers all earlier version users, but I wanted to see how well this digital creature cohabited with Windows 7 in a multiboot setup without actually wrecking my computer data, since most of my old software barely runs in that particular environment already. Especially since I wanted to test the 64-bits waters and have full access to the 4 gigabites of memory  inside my aging HP 435 computer.

So I bought a new, larger hard drive where I could reserve at least 240 Megs in a separate partition so Win 10 could sit there comfortably; then I spent almost six weeks fiddling with cloning software to see if I could migrate all the contents and data inside my old hard drive without much hassle. Which didn’t happen. You see, whenever you try to clone a hard drive, being able to copy the Master Boot Record (MBR) properly is a pain in the caboose. The MBR is the most crucial part of your operating system, telling your computer how to boot up. I tried to use several repair disk utilities, including the one that came with the cloning program to no avail.

I was about to give up.

There I was, going nowhere with a hard disk that wouldn’t boot up no matter what I tried. Then, in a sudden burst of inspiration, I decide to create a bootable USB flash drive, so I would be able to install and run Windows 10, letting him detect the earlier Windows 7 version and force to rebuild the MBR for me.

I’m so clever. And stubborn. *chuckles*

Now I got exactly what I wanted… So I thought. However, one single issue remained (isn’t it always that way, folks?):

Windows 10 takes too long to boot in an old computer like mine; it takes a full minute to get to the selective boot menu that lets me choose between Windows 7 and 10. Then it takes even longer to successfully boot Win 7 and a little more to do the same with Win 10.

That’s unacceptable.


I guess I’ll have to restore my old computer setup to its prearlier configuration, and keep on tinkering with Windows 7 for a while longer, until the situation improves and I’m finally able to get myself a faster, newer computer model without actually flinching at the idea of buying one.

Edwin Stark

Signing Off

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