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Under Pressure

Well, my mom is finally laid to rest.

But I’m not at ease. I was under a lot of pressure from my acquaintances back home on what to do about all the property that’s left behind in the rainforest now that my mom has died. I say “was” because I’m kinda washing my hands off the whole thing. I know my acquaintances will insist on coming back to the topic about selling the house and furniture, and storing the remainder in a safe place, just so burglars won’t have a go at it.


The problem is it isn’t worth the effort and money that all this entails.

Let’s see… For starters I’d have to go to the Consulate in Houston (again,,,) as it’s the only place where I can go to perform the necessary legal actions. This would represent an investment of X days and a Y sum of money that I’m absolutely sure it’s a complete waste.

Why X and Y?

Because as it’s always the case with my home country’s government you never know how long it will take and how expensive it may be in the end. But I can give some estimate figures. First there’s the matter of the trip itself ($100, by bus nonetheless.. and you know my Pavlovian feelings toward buses, guys), then I’d have to get some legal assistance from a sleazy lawyer knowledgeable in my country’s equally sleazy laws (could be $200 or more), plus the costs of my stay in Houston (food, local transportation, et cetera), which could run up the bill to unimaginable levels, as I’m not able to determine the exact amount of time this would take. Plus the legal fee this will take ($100-$300), plus another extra $100 to ship the whole damn thing (just ONE piece of paper!) back to my country.

And that’s just to keep things at the lowest minimum cost possible. The house by itself is worthless; by the time I left, property values in the area were at their absolute lowest due to the reigning conditions: A) bordering a large patch of rainforest, B) poor electricity and NO water and C) now the place is a rampaging crime zone. Even if somebody was deranged enough to buy it from me, I wouldn’t be able to do anything with the money since there’s a currency exchange restriction that would prevent me from getting my hands on it. Of course, I could go to the local friendly Black Marketer, but that would dilute the whole thing to just about a couple hundred bucks, even if I’m lucky.

And what about the furniture and books, you say? Most of it are just mass produced, particle board things, but there are at least two pieces (real wood and all) of furniture down there that I cared about as they were kinda family heirlooms and I’m rather fond of them, but I can’t see a practical way to recover them without bankrupting myself in the process.

And the books (hisses in pain) is what stings the most. I’ve been a reader for the better part of 4 decades and I had been stockpiling a ton of books and reference material. My mom was the same, and her personal library was nearing the thousand books.

There are at least three books I’ll certainly miss from my own collection: one was a vampire tales anthology, an imitation leather-bound copy of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and my signed copy of Shay Addams’ book about Richard Garriot’s Ultima game. But most of all I will miss is my IDEA! book, just a huge college notebook where I jotted every single notion for all my future books. Yeah, I could sort of rebuild it from scratch, but it also acted like a massive index to all the comic books, Sunday funnies, other books et cetera that I left behind, and without all that source material the new notebook would be rather useless… sigh… quite a nice catch 22, I guess.

As you can see, I’m just writing to get this off my chest and justify my attempt to cut down my losses. I know some of you may say “it’s just stuff”… bu t”this stuff” represents all my past and the last ties I had with my mom, so letting go is terribly painful and leaves me feeling quite inadequate, so bear with me for a while.

Until next time, guys and guyettes…

Edwin Stark

Signing Off

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