My Review of Crossed Comic’s ‘Wish You Were Here”. Chapter 1 Episode 1

crosseddolphinOccasionally, one stumbles upon some very unusual and amazing stuff while browsing the web. The other day, I clicked on a recommendation I saw in a Post Apocalyptic Forum, and oh boy!… did I land in a very funky, mind-boggling place, where I made a pleasant discovery.

Disclaimer: Wish You Were Here is a very intense adult graphic novel with lots of violence and sexual content. If you aren’t over 18 or are easily offended, please stop reading and don’t go any further…


Wish You Were Here tells us the story of a small group of survivors in the Crossed universe, struggling on the small island of Cava at the British Orkneys. Crossed or plusfaced refers to the victims of a strange and terrible disease that brands their faces with a bright-red eruption and turns them into homicidal, sadistic maniacs.

I went into this webcomic with low expectations; I had done so with other similar ones, mainly because a webcomic is a very poor substitute for the real thing. As I turned to page 2 of the first episode, I was regaled with the horrible vision of a man marked with the red-cross band across his face, stabbing a dolphin with a knife while he was… he was…

Ohhhh, this is something that only a post-apocalyptic fan could love. I kept passing pages, one after another… by time I reached episode 5, I was completely hooked. This is a graphic novel that leaves you feeling like you’ve been assaulted by hitting you with a rubber hammer (or at least with a rubber dolphin!) on the head.

I plan to keep on reviewing this webcomic series in the near future, at least the episodes more relevant to the story plot. So far, Crossed’s WYWH Vol.1 Episode 1 has earned a wholehearted ★★★★★ review from me.

You can go read Crossed Comics’s AWESOME Webcomic at the following link:

Happy reading!

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