Aftermath Series (Zombies)


Aftermath and Other Zombie Shorts


This e-book contains three Short Zombie Tales:

Aftermath: Meet Danny Cargill; he’s about to discover if humans are worse than zombies…

Zombie Cab: A creepy yet humorous story about a cabbie and his unexpected ride…

When Zombies Roamed Venezuela: A humorous take on your typical, everyday zombie outbreak tale.

“Unusual, witty and fun as well as creepy” – Amazon Reviewer

This e-book is available for the Amazon Kindle and Nook – 99 cents




Young Danny Cargill left his comfortable life at Camp McGregor behind with all the intent of going to Camp Hailberry, Jessica Ferguson and Carl Lomax’s home camp.

It promised to be an uneventful trip, even though his journey was through zombie-infested territory. Little did Danny know that along the way he would meet a strange girl; someone who would threaten to topple all his existing plans. Thus continues the intriguing story of Aftermath, now in its second installment.

Edwin Stark has twisted all the rules in this installment. The survivors have already noticed that not all zombie bites infect the living as it has in the past. What happens once the zombie virus mutates? This one seems to have run it course and is leaving its victims changed in a different way. It will be interesting to see where Mr. Stark is going with this theory. So, here I find myself awaiting another zombie book. How did that happen?” – Amazon Reviewer

This e-book is available for the Amazon Kindle and Nook – 99 cents

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