Toto, I don’t think we’re in Texas any more…

Well, that’s quite right; Kathryn got a job offer for a teaching position at a Community College in Kansas, so last January we packed all our stuff and moved out of Texas. That’s it.

No complaining, no rants. I think it is a wise, positive move after all.

Reasoning? When Kat and I met, she was working on her English Masters degree so she could achieve her life-long aspiration of teaching in college, instead in the chaotic environment that High Schools or Middle Schools do represent. It gives us a marginally larger budget, she gets to do what she wants and it makes her happy.

On my side, well, I was finally able to land a job on almost on my first try, while in Texas, even though I had spent six months placing my résumé in every single place I could think of (as soon a I got my work authorization) which had yielded me nothing.

I have the itching suspicion it had a lot to do with the fact that the city we lived in was within the boundaries of the Rio Grande Great Valley, too damn close to the Mexican border. I strongly believe I was in a very disadvantaged position there, with all those people around me that were easily recommended for a job just because they were somebody’s primo. I guess nepotism was strong with this one, young padawan.

Of course some clarification is in order: don’t get all too delusional about my job, as it is just a daily five-hours-a-day routine of hauling beer cases in a liquor store, and put them wherever I’m told. I had applied for several dozens of similar jobs while living in the Valley, and I got no results, while here I just walked in, asked for a job application and a few days later I got an interview and the job. It seems to me that people in Kansas just want others to work decently, I guess.

The main thing here is that this job will allow me to rebuild my credit score from scratch at last; I had an excellent credit in my home country (one so high that I possesed a Platinum credit card back there) but that’s just the sort of stuff that doesn’t cross country boundaries, so I was basically a financial non-entity in the States…  until now.

A job represents that I’ll have some income, which will allow me to apply for a credit card, which wll allow me to… well… you get my drift, I guess…

Well, here I am, already two months into a new job and you can’t even imagine the feeling I experienced while depositing my first paycheck. After almost a decade of deprivation in the jungle and spending a year inactive just waiting for my paperwork to come through, the feeling of accomplishment is beyond belief.

I guess that’s about it for now..


Edwin Stark

Signing Off

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One thought on “Toto, I don’t think we’re in Texas any more…

  1. Well done. I graduated from uni in a massive recession and I do remember that fantastic feeling of earning! Onwards and upwards eh.



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