On The Street Where I Live…

Please take note of the following link:


If you click on this link, it will take you to a satellite image of the area where I live. Of course, the picture you will see will be only a plain and bare representation of what it actually means. For that, you can examine the pictures below, which are the same as the abovementioned one, but with a few annotations.

For starters, somewhere below this thick canopy of trees lies my house:


(Of course, if you zoom out and switch to Google’s Map mode, you’ll notice that this place has even failed to make it into the maps).

This next picture shows the land I own down here with a yellow outline (something along the size 38500 square feet!!) … The land outlined in black represent the plots whose neighbors hire me to trim down with just a machete.


The next shot shows the entire extent of the failed housing development where I live… yeah, I know it looks rather civilized at this scale but it’s almost completely void of inhabitants. The green outline marks the virgin rainforest where (according to some detractors) I “claim” to live next to. Again, this is another case of “you must be there to really understand” (and believe!!!)


And the last one shows the walking distance I must travel almost everyday for groceries.


Please notice the highway that would have made me a moderately rich man (it passes just a mile away from where I bought land!)… if only my country political situation hadn’t gone down the drain, that’s it.

I hope these pictures have provided you additional insights of the reasons behind all the rants I publish on this blog.

Edwin Stark

Signing Off

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