A very bad week…

Last weekend started ominously; I scalded myself with hot water while brewing coffee (I presently sport a niceeee blister in the space between the index and middle finger of my left hand)… next, I spotted a tick trying to creep up on me and attach itself to the one of my calves…

What next, I rhetorically asked as we all know that misery loves company and bad things usually come in threes, don’t we?

Well, at 3:45 AM last Saturday, the answer came loud and clear: the last remaining power transformer of my block blew up, leaving me without electric power for the past 6 days, 10 hours as I write this blog for later posting.

When I bought property in this area, the street had three nice power transformers online, but they were slowly decreasing in number like nice little Indians in a deranged cowboy movie… The first one was killed about 12 years ago during a major storm, when a large tree was uprooted by powerful buffeting wings and the damn thing tore down the power lines and causing a large electrical explosion (I had to hack the branches all by myself while high voltage lines were buzzing all around me, since no one in the power company wanted to come here and shut down the system).

The second power transformer lasted about 5 years before it exploded… Its lid flew 40 yards before landing in dry kindling and starting a brush fire. Back on those days I was without electric power for almost 5 days. Luckily I was then between grocery restocking cycles and was savvy enough to have 4 one-litter bottles of water in the freezer side of my fridge to act as ice blocks to prevent spoilage.

Now, after seven years of praying for the last transformer wouldn’t let its ghost go…. sigh… well, that didn’t work well, I guess. I’m a bit depressed, as this has brought tons of crazy and dire consequences.

First of all, I lost about $200 in groceries that were supposed to last until the end of November. If things were rather bad and lean till now, well, now they look desperate. I have no clue of will I manage to overcome this small economic disaster.

But worse is my current emotional state, as I haven’t been able to chat with Kathryn for almost a week now, being only able to leave brief messages on Facebook as the charge of my battery slowly runs down. I’m trying to save as much power as possible, since I’ve yet to find a suitable way to recharge my PC’s battery.

Gosh… I really do miss her…

Edwin Stark
Signing Off
(Battery currently at 20%)




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One thought on “A very bad week…

  1. I miss you just as much, my love. ❤ Hold on.

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