Everybody says they want to change the world

Originally, I intended this post’s title to be We Will (We Will) Frack You!, but some obscure reasoning and further thought made me deem it too vulgar (not enough too prevent me from sneaking it somewhere in the text, mind you!), so I decided in the end to change it and now I must apologize to the musical group Tears for Fears instead of Queen.


Now, to the main point. For some time now, I’ve noticed (in both an amused and pissy state) that a few crazy people are constantly posting memes, scientific articles, and all sort of bizarre stuff to against fracking and trying to organize some sort of opposition to this industrial procedure in their FB news feed and Twitter.

I’ve got some baaaaaad news for you, dudes:

You won’t achieve anything.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m all against fracking but posting this sort of things in the social media won’t get you anywhere.

You see, there are two main reasons it won’t work.

The first one is that the oil companies behind fracking have already invested too much resources into the whole confounded thing and won’t walk away without at least recouping their monetary outlay. So they will wrestle in politics, bribe like hell, lobby and fight with their nails and teeth to recover their money. It’s the only language they understand.

Want them to stop? Well, you must play ball in the same league… but you gonna need a few trillion dollars to do that. Got some to spare? No? I guessed so.

The second reason is even simpler: No one really wants to change the world. They say so… but they only want to tweak the reality that surrounds them to their personal convenience. “Oh, I don’t want them to do some fracking where I live!” *whine*.

That would involve some serious sacrifice to happen.

And yet, you have the power to turn the world on a dime. But…

Oh, I love this irony! Here I am, completely powerless and unable to change anything in the mess I’m forced to live with, and yet I possess a more clear understanding of the power structure behind it… and you guys have the power (at least a teensy weensy shard of it)… and are completely clueless on how to successfully use it to make things happen.

You see, no one is willing.

I could but can’t. You can… but won’t.

So amusing.

Edwin Stark

Signing Off

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