Another small step on my way to love

Two weeks ago, I made another trip to meet with Kathryn in Curacao. It was a rather uneventful trip, if we ignore the little scare that I went through at the airport, concerning about my flight (stupid airline didn’t display the proper data in the departure screens).

The driver of the cab I hailed was quite talkative on my way to the hotel… and even more so when he found out about which country I came from. He sounded a bit annoyed when he explained how my fellow countrymen abused the benefits of the local migration laws by staying less than 30 days while they performed odd jobs. Then they would return to our home country to reset the cycle. I suspect that very soon I’ll be required to apply for a visitor’s visa the next time.


I arrived to the hotel room without incident and checked in. The room was neat and comfy, though I had some minor issues getting the hang of the electronic keycard, which was a type which I had never met before. You had to hold it in front of the card reader in certain funny way, but I soon mastered it.

I unpacked (which in my case it’s just tossing my travel bag and most of its contents into a drawer or some other convenient spot) and took a shower. A blessed shower, even though there was no hot water; the one back at home is just a miserable trickle… when it decides to work at all. I changed clothes and then went to bed while checking what was on the old movies channel. I recall falling sleep halfway through True Grit (the original one, not the craptacular new one with Jeff Bridges).

Five hours later (or so), Kathryn finally showed up at my doorstep. She was a bit dismayed that I was thinner than the last time we met. Well, she didn’t exactly say it with other words than “You’re so thin” but I could read the concern in her eyes.

Well, there’s not much that she do about it since it’s harder and harder to find something edible in my home country but stuff me like a Thanksgiving turkey at every chance she got. She even brought me a slice of a delicious cake that she had baked for me. Just to remember it makes my stomach growl right now.

Our first major goal on this trip was to finally get a %$@! passport photo to continue filing the paperwork that will finally allow us to be together. We inquired on the front desk on this subject, and the clerks kindly provided us directions to a place where we could achieve this. I must confess that I felt as a complete idiot, having to travel 250 miles and to another country just to have my passport photo taken.

Well, with that annoying detail out of the way, Kathryn and I spent the next three days revisiting the old familiar places, having lunch at the Iguana Café (highly recommended) and widening the extension of the areas we explored by foot. We even spent a pleasant morning in the local Maritime Museum (I even managed to fill a few gaps of the Caribbean’s pirating era, proving that old adage about being able to learn something new everyday; I didn’t know that Blackbeard stuck smoldering candlewicks in his beard to look even terrifying. Sickly Dude!)

Alas, our trip together finally ended; at least this time I was able to stay with Kathryn in the international area of the airport until she boarded her plane. I kissed her goodbye and walked backwards toward my gate, looking back at her until she finally disappeared beyond the security gate. It was a very bittersweet moment, since we’re not sure when we will able to meet again. Not that any of you care, but that’s the life we have to deal with.

By the way, I think I caught a nasty bug from being exposed to 20 straight hours of lousy air conditioning systems set at full blast. But as they say, that’s another story.

Edwin Stark
Signing Off

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