Quid pro quo

Every time I tell someone that I’m into deep doo-doo and I may need some assistance, almost everyone I know acts as if I’m asking them to donate a kidney or something like that… and then disappear from my life entirely.  Yeah, I know that very few people will go to the lengths that Kathryn is going through to help me but, hey, let’s not take this all out of proportion.

It is the little bit of help that I need, as just mentioning my books in your favorite Facebook group or leaving a review on their sales page that I really mean (hey, I’d even chip in a Smashwords discount coupon for that if you care to read them!) that really would be appreciated.

Today, I want to talk about one of those little bits of help that really goes a lot of way; some writer who’s an acquaintance just published the next issue of his science fiction e-zine, Tales from Tomorrow #9 and he has told me that my short story collection Cuentos made it into his regular “Recommended Reads” section at the end of that particular issue.

Well, I’m flattered and I guess I must have done something in the way of impressing him with Cuentos. Even though I can’t afford the 99 cents to check out the link within that issue, I suppose I can pay the small favor back by recommending his Tales from Tomorrow series to every Kindle sci-fi aficionado out there (there’s even an offer of the first three issues available for free during this weekend).

Thanks John!

Edwin Stark

Signing Off

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