Thanks but no thanks

My last blog post raised the usual batch of kind offers from my online friends to send me money.

“Can I…?”

“Is it possible to…?”

“The situation is bad but I can…”

My usual reply to all these queries was as always I handle them: “Thanks but no thanks.”

(If I didn’t ignore the offer from the outset, mind you),

And if that didn’t deter you from insisting, well, I’d simply hit the ‘Reject´ button even if there ever was a way to send me some cash (and you’d probably end up with the shape of my left boot imprinted on your butt).

I still have my little bit of pride.

The wrongness of this approach in such offers is that I’d know who is aiding me. Afterwards, I’d feel completely awkward with the good Samaritan in question for ever, positively ruining my friendship with that person.

Now, if you ever went ahead and performed a giveaway of 10 (or 25 or 50) copies of one of my 99 cents e-books, there’s nothing I could possibly do to prevent you from doing it. A) you’d stay anonymous as I don’t have the online resources  to track from where this assistance came and B) it would help me a hundredfold more times than an outright cash offer. It would be nice publicity too. Besides, these e-books are honest stories, maybe a bit sloppily edited, but honest work. I sweated my way through them and I’d deserve the reward (even if it is just a convoluted way to circumvent my personal pride).

Yeah, of course, there would also be a lot of degradation of the money sum I’d receive in the end as Aunt Ammy and Uncle Sam take their slices out of the whole damn cake, but at least the money would do some work before it finally reached my hands.

Of course, all this is just an idle speculation; as once, I tried to do a giveaway for 5 copies of one of my books, with absolutely no takers. If I couldn’t get a single one, well, good luck in finding TEN (or 25 or 50!!!)

*chuckles* Thanks… that made my day 😉

Edwin Stark

Signing Off


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