Five Days in Aruba…

All this week I was in a funky and mean, cynical mood, feeling so ready to leave in the dark all those curious of how the five days I spent in Aruba with Kathryn went. However, after four posts chronicling my airport pilgrimage, any of you folks who are still around to find out what happened, sorta deserve it…

Well, Kathryn and I met that same day and she was a bit jet-lagged (which is reasonable as it took her about yen, maybe eleven hours of travel time to get there). I had arrived six hours earlier, had time to take a shower and a nap and had scouted the area a bit, locating all the potential supermarkets (more on this later) and takeout places beforehand. Since it was ages since the last time I had some meat, I had settled for a BBQ locale known as Carnivorous (neat name!) and had myself an order of churrasco. So, if you are into good meat and ever go to Eagle Beach in Aruba (particularly if you stay in the Bubali area), I’d recommend you to check out this place.

The meat portions were humongous (which generated a ton of leftovers) and I had a side order of rice and some extra lentil soup, along with the salad of the day; I never had the notion that beets and mayonnaise could mix that way… but it did, which is something I certainly tried the moment I returned back to my home, crappy home.

What did Kathryn and I do in Aruba for five days? Well, we talked a lot, did some grocery shopping together, which I thought went fine (until a month later she confessed online that she was nearly having a panic attack), we did a lot of home cooking (which was our main intention on the first place), had romantic walks on the beach during the beautiful sunsets, did some more talking and then we talked some more. Yeah, I know… we’re just two talkative, boring nerds, and we meant to get to know each other in a better fashion than on our previous trip to Curacao, so what’s it to you?

On March the 9th Kathryn and I went downtown to a jewelry shop and I let her choose an engagement ring (her department, not mine; she knows a lot more about gems than I do) and I paid cash for it, as my credit card isn’t any good outside my home country. The sales clerk squealed with glee when she found out it was our engagement ring and advised me to kneel down and make my proposal as soon as possible.

To celebrate it, we went to have lunch while in the area; I had a broiled chicken sandwich with salad and French fries and Kathryn ate some fajitas. (As a child of her times, she went and posted all about the event on her Facebook wall, with pictures of the ring and everything). Of course, I did the whole kneeling and proposal thing afterwards, in private. Something I believe she truly appreciated.

So, during our stay in Aruba we found out we were compatible while shopping and also had similar values in the kitchen (no one got poisoned and no one got stabbed in the back with a butcher’s knife), we deepened our bonds further and even got engaged.

What more can a man ask?

Edwin Stark

Signing Off

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