Meanwhile in the jungle…

If you were wondering what am I up to lately (Nawwwt! Who am I kidding?), well,  I’m just busy constantly staring at this little on-screen notice:

Meet my little friend....

Meet my little friend….

For those blissfully unaware what this means in Spanish, this is the usual response that my Internet software gives me every time I try to go online: Error 718. Onine connection ended because the remote computer didn’t answer. Then I’m asked if I want to redial or just fuggetabotit…

It’s getting worse with each passing day and there’s nothing that can be done to address this issue (well, there is something that all of you can do but I won’t bother to spell it out for you anymore), as my ISP (Internet Service Provider) whimsically goes down the drain.

When this little sign decides to pop up, well that’s it. No more Internet for me. I then switch off the computer and walk away to something more productive, like counting angels dancing on the head of a pin or contemplating my navel… Perhaps for the next six or seven hours, as it signifies their server has just gone down for the day. Asking these guys to get his act straight is something akin to ask for rain to fall in the Sahara desert; it’s has been known to happen… but don’t hold your breath for it.

Things are so bad that Kath is thankful when the two of us are able to chat online for fifteen minutes or so (what I haven’t told her is that we actually had three 5-minute online chats; I was dropped from cyberspace and was just lucky to reconnect quickly without her noticing).

What does this mean to this blog? Well, it signifies that I’ll be having a harder time updating it and managing its content.

What else?


Edwin Stark

Signing Off

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