The fictional me…

Well, it happens now that I’m a character in someone else’s book. Or so it seems.

One of my online acquaintances, Holly Barbo, found in me the necessary inspiration to create a grumpy, fallen-into-hard-times metal scavenging dude called Thom in the steampunk world of her latest book, Sunstone.

Some may find that rather unflattering, but I find it an amusing misrepresentation of my true character (although the scrap metal part is true). It’s very funny… the sort of mental images someone can generate from a brief online interaction with you.

Sigh. Anyway… who am I to judge? I’m also guilty of the same sin: I placed several of the members of the Wordsmythe thread in the Amazon Forums into my current WIP, the third book in my Karaoke Duo series. In fact, you can easily recognize one of the most influential members of that thread in its first installment: Attack of The Hackman!

I plan to gradually add the rest of the team of the story into it (long time plan, mind you!).Kathryin managed to recognize another of the Wordsmythe members in the second installment already. Of course, she was wondering for sometime now if she’d ever make it into one of my tales; yep, she did in one early incarnation of that story, as Simone Avattoir, the romance writer whose books always ended in the literary equivalent of the St. Valentine’s massacre. (BTW, she was too tired to get the joke, alas…)

Now that she’s my official fiancé, I had to scrap the idea, since it would be a very rude thing to do. I may have to think this one over a bit, And rework the original concept.

Of course, Authoress Barbo may not run with the same fate; I fully intend to add her to Attack of the Hackman!…

Hmmm… Holly Barbwire… A heroine whose superpowers involve the use of barbwire for everything she does, perhaps?

Man, I’d hate to see the underwear worn by that one!

Edwin Stark

Signing Off

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3 thoughts on “The fictional me…

  1. E. VanZwoll

    Adding Wordsmythe members to your books? Now I’m frightened! Lol. Nah, seriously though, now I’ll have to read through the books to see who you’ve already added! ~Shay

  2. Aww Edwin, If that is all you saw in Thom perhaps you should give the guy another look. Yes he has an irascible side but comes by it from surviving the crap that has happened in his life. Most importantly Thom is very intelligent and can see patterns and truths. He is a genuine friend that can be counted on to stand by you and do what’s right. I see all of these characteristics in you and find you to be a man of substance. Give yourself (& me) and the character Thom some credit.

  3. Lucky you being in a book, I’d love to be a character in someone’s book.

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