A Movie List

Oh, heavens! Look at the date! I’m long overdue making a post here… Also, I’m a little overdue in updating you guys about my current situation concerning Kath and all that… so why not kill two stones with one bird (or was the other way around?) and do both.

(The new WordPress interface takes ages to load with my lousy connection, by the way, so don’t expect these delay issues to go away.. in fact, I dread they will become worse in the near future when most websites become more and more graphically intensive while I remain stuck in the Stone Age 😦 )

Well, now I’m up to my neck with trying to get a hold of my Birth Certificate (yeah, like that, with Capital Letters) so I can start the legal paperwork to marry her. It’s a very cumbersome process that involves me traveling five hours on a 50 miles trip (which will give you an idea of the general road/traffic conditions that we have down here) and being told that I’m too late or at the wrong place for that.

Just so you can imagine it: it took me three weeks only to find out where I must go to request that %”$”@!!! Piece of paper. Meanwhile, Kath and I are still chatting online and discussing our plans for Aruba and the immediate future.

All of a sudden, she wanted me to tell her which are my favorite romantic movies. Well, no big deal… I have a short list for that, too. However, I split the movies listed into two separate listings: serious romantic movies and romantic comedies. I guess you’ll have a fairly good idea of what kind of man I am after having a look at it: And that would be that I like my romance with cream pies and soda bottles…and maybe a rubber tuna to smash over someone’s head..

Serious Romance

Gone With The Wind – No surprises here. A Golden Oldie. Better seen on a 100-foot wide screen with Surro-Sens-o-rama, but still acceptable on a 13 inches screen.

Casablanca – No big surprises here, either. Plenty of romance and drama in a movie that’s regarded by millions as the best picture ever. I can’t disagree.

The Mirror Has Two Sides – A more modern romance with Barbra Streisand and Jeff Bridges in the main roles of two neurotic college professors who meet in a very unorthodox manner. The witty dialogue is so amusing that the movie threatens to sneak into the funny side of my list… just barely.

Working Girl – Yeah, I know some regard this as a quasi-romantic comedy, but if you analyze the movie properly, you end up discovering how seriously it handles the topic… and that maybe Mike Nichols was perhaps trying to make some half-assed fashion statement about hairdos and your place in the work food chain.

Romantic Comedies

Defending your life – Great romance set in the afterlife. Merryl Streep and Albert Brooks carry their unexpected, recently found love with stolid dignity while silly existential jokes seem to explode all about them like metaphysical stand-up comedy.

Roxanne – Excellent update to the Cyrano tale with a hero owning a bigger nose than possible. Imagine that. The scene with the radio was a little overdone, but great movie, nonetheless. Great nose jokes, too.

Arthur – Rich Boy Meets Poor Girl While She Attempts to Steal a Tie (RBMPGWSAST for short) comedy. He falls for her but has to back out because his family threatens to disown him… but he quickly nerves himself and goes full speed ahead, damn the torpedoes and all that jazz.

When Harry Met Sally – Fabulous Boy-Meet-Girl-But-Girl-Dislikes-Boy routine. They fall in love with each other 13 years later, though. Hilarity ensues.

Well, that’s about it… I still have a few extras like the Princess Bride, My Fair Lady and Walt Disney’s Cinderella up my sleeve, but their status as romantic movies is highly debatable… Now, if you excuse me, I must go so Kath and I will be able to will discuss online my list a bit later…

Edwin Stark

Signing Off

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3 thoughts on “A Movie List

  1. Interesting post.

  2. Wow. All those movies, and I’ve only seen one. I’d say guess which one, but I’m sure you know. You remember everything I say 😉
    Now your alternate list; Princess Bride, Cinderella, and My Fair Lady are all familiar to me.

  3. I like the list and am dead chuffed to hear about you and Kate. Good luck with the paper hunt.



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