Bank Problems In The Jungle (Part 1)

When you live in the tropical rainforest the way I do, so far away and disconnected from civilization (and there’s a ton of bad roads covered with mud puddles every ten or twenty steps in the way) you tend to remain sitting in one place, unwilling to move unless its absolutely necessary.

Also, this leads to unexpected problems sometimes, no matter how much you try to stay away from these. Problems in my home country have the tendency of finding you in spite of anything you do to evade them.

Last week, I had problems with my debit card.

You see, I didn’t have much opportunity to use it lately, as my grocery purchases are usually done with my credit card (its 45-day billing cycle fits my meager income sources better as a way to handle a budget). But all of a sudden I was faced by the need of using it in a place that doesn’t take credit cards… and discovered that I cleanly forgot my bloody PIN.


Yeah, I know, I know… It sounds as if I’m trying to blame this single event to my current situation but, truth be told, I had a clear memory of which numbers I used… only that I had forgotten the mnemonic correlation between them.

Let’s say you remember the first two numbers of your pin, let’s say “98”… a good mnemonic correlation for the third number would be take away 8 from 9, giving you a good ole number 1, and then subtract 1 from itself to give you a zero. Its such a great correlation that you only have to remember the first number to recall your PIN: 9-1 = 8 … 9-8 = 1 … 1-1 = 0.

However I was up the creek without a paddle at the store where I intended to make a purchase, having forgot my $#%# PIN number relationship, so I had to spend the last couple of days at my bank trying to fix this goddamn issue…

So you can guess now what I will whine about in my future couple posts…

Stay tuned

Edwin Stark

Signing Off

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