Return to Hell

My Fair Lady and Me... I'm such a klutz that I couldn't do a decent selfie...

My Fair Lady and Me… I’m such a klutz that I couldn’t do a decent selfie…

Well, I made my trip to Curacao and back.

I’m glad to report I managed to return safe and sound with too many extra bullet holes in my body and that no one tried to mug me during all the land mileage I accrued while traveling by bus all accross my crappy home country (well, the albino Latvian pickpoket I met on my way to the airport tried, but he barely counts).

Anyway, the tale behind this trip is so interesting that a complete account of it is in the works and I’m planning to sell it as a short story or a novellette (or whatever name I can stick on it to squeeze 99 cents out from you). That’s why I’m adding a poll to the burning question of “Will you buy the Kindle Edition?”

Now that we got that little detail out of the way, let me tell you that, yes, the lady represents in real life what I already surmised from all our intimate online interaction. She’s nice, caring, helpful, smart, interesting… and yes… we intend to meet again as plans to meet in some other location are long underway.

Now, what does this means to my immediate future? Well, I can’t really tell… She’s back at her home, and I’m back at this smelly, craptacular jungle, wistfully thinking about her. The road ahead is still full of gloom and uncertainty. As always, things would be great if either one of us suddenly hit upon writing a bestselling book that would make things easier for us by greasing the way with some extra money. Alas, the outside world is terribly indifferent about the fate of two lovers, especially when one of them is stuck in the middle of a tropical rainforest and everyone seems infected with the disease of non-involvement. A pity.

However, this meeting with Kathryn, albeit such a short and brief one like this, proves to me that we ought to work harder to overcome the many hurdles we’ll find along our way together now. Wish us luck.

Edwin Stark

Signing Off


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5 thoughts on “Return to Hell

  1. I am happy for both of you and every hurdle you have to tackle will be worth it to finally meet in a more permanent situation. Love always finds a way no matter how much the odds are stacked up against you. There was a time In my life that I simply accepted I’d be alone and die alone when out of the blue I met the man of my dreams. Never give up hope.

  2. Well, My vote is that I would love to buy your book. I was going to vote but didn’t like either ballot question. LOL 😀

  3. rainnnn

    Good luck with working this out. I am a definite fan of true love :)…

  4. You may be a klutz, honey, but your lady loves you. Besides, we’re birds of a feather on that front. Just how many times did I stumble over the uneven pavement?

  5. I would buy your book, but like RM didn’t like the ballots. I am a fan of true love and know you will make it.

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