My last couple posts were kind of a mistake for two reasons. The first one is that they saddened my girlfriend Simone, since she was finally able to witness the poor state of the place I have to live in. The other reason is that I’ve been swamped by requests of author friends who want to know how much they’d pay for one of the houses depicted there.


I countered by asking them why? They replied me that they were tempted to establish a writers’ colony down here and that the house looked big and nice enough to share it among three or even four writers. It looked a secluded enough place to achieve this particular goal.


Folks, I’m trying to get the HELL out of here… and you want to come in?

Of course, I knew better than swim against this specific current (the more I pushed against it, the more persistent they’d become) and I told them the measures of the land and the sum the owner asked for it (more or less about $20,000 in local currency)… which they found reasonable and they decided to talk it over.

Of course, I just hope they simply drop the idea and forget all about it, as it’s bound to happen with this sort of insane ideas. However, I could understand the attraction of such a concept; three guys chipping in $7,000 each, buying the property and moving in. Every writer’s dream is to find a peaceful and secluded place to pursue their writing. It has its charms, especially if you’re one of those more or less lucky independent authors who are able to sell between 100 to 200 books each month to foot the bills (hey, what the hell do you think I was trying to do for the past four or five years without any success?!?) and even more so if you have setup a retirement fund abroad.

But…. Seriously?!? Are you folks even thinking straight?

Oh, guys… grow up! Sheeeesh!


Edwin Stark
Signing Off

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2 thoughts on “Seriously?

  1. Goodness. I have no words. But I’m only a tiny bit sad, cuz we’re gonna fix it for you, honey. If I have any say in the matter, your days there are limited.

  2. Like my vacations as a child, about a month in the wild in a tent and then you can’t wait to get back to town for a hot shower. It’s different to have to deal with it indefinitely. Live in hope friend.

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