A Brief Newsflash

This blog has been neglected for quite for a while, and perhaps a few people out there might be wondering what I’m up to (Naaaaaah!). The main item in this news report is that the emotional online relationship between me and Simone has reached the point in which we’re planning to meet in person.

Okay, before you go Yaaaaay! on this keep in mind that it isn’t as simple as it sounds. The problem of meeting Simone isn’t merely about the distance between the two of us, but more like a problem of geopolitics.

You see, her country and mine aren’t exactly in good terms these days. So the American Embassy raised the bar that every single one of my fellow countrymen has to jump over to apply for a Tourist Visa. These days they’re asking for a bank reference letter (easy), copies of my last three bank statements (easy), a verifiable list of my close family here (grumble) and a letter from my workplace certifying that I have a job and how high is my income (uh-oh!)…. And here’s where the problems begin. Of course, the fact that I do maintenance work for my neighbors at $50 a month isn’t helping much in this department.

Also, the international airlines that cover the local routes have started to dish trouble out. The first plans that Simone and I had concocted so far for our meeting involved Insel Airlines. On a short research visit to their website, a BIG (and I mean BIIIG!) notice popped up on-screen, stating that Insel Airlines was very sorry, but they wouldn’t be taking any Venezuelan credit cards anymore. Of course, when this information is written across some airline’s website in BIG, BIG RED letters it certainly means something, doesn’t it? I can hardly blame the airline; the money in my country is nearly worthless.

(Go to any currency exchange house and ask if they accept Bolivars; you’d be either kicked or laughed out of the place).

Of course, this has led to a veritable logistics nightmare related with getting poor little me out of my f%$!&ng country. Yeah… I know this looks rather bleak right now, but we still have the feeblest hope of making it through.

So maybe you’d be interested in helping us by buying one of Simone’s books. I urge you to check Keeping Katerina; it was topping the charts last week on Amazon and it has remained quite high in sale numbers of late (and I can assure you that she’s a far better romance writer than I am…. LoL)

So I’m counting on your generosity to… errr…

Too bad there isn’t a “Save Edwin and Simone’s Love” foundation I can go to and ask for help, is it?

Edwin Stark
Signing Off

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3 thoughts on “A Brief Newsflash

  1. Sorry you’re having such a crap time trying to set this up. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping love will find a way.

  2. rainnnn

    have you thought of approaching this with crowd funding. Not sure how it’d overcome the currency problem but maybe you can figure that out… Paypal? *s*

    • Thanks for the suggestion but I already tried to tackle that angle sometime ago and almost everyone I consulted the idea with believed I was trying to tell them a sob story or trying to pull a scam. Seems crowdfunding is more inclined to more selfish projects like funding lackluster videoganes than solve the problems of two people separated not only by distance but political issues. Thanks for your concern, though.

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