Three “Ewwww” moments…

Last week I had three great ‘Ewwww!’ moments. You know, those occasions you hear or read something and your only rational response is to say (what else?) ‘Ewwww!’

The first one was with a fellow author in an online thread. This lady mentioned some unsavory uses for the air hoses available in self-service stations.

That was Ewwwwww! Moment # 1

A couple of days later, Simone and I are chatting online. She wanted to show me something gross. It had something to do with someone’s tattooed feet. Usually, I don’t care much about tattoos (your hide, your funeral), but what was depicted in the picture I saw, festooned by a whimsical frame with the “True Love” inscription on it made me go….

Well, that was Ewwwww! Moment # 2

I have my occasional Ewwww! Moments along a week, but I never experienced three of them in less than three days in a row, which is the main reason I’m chronicling this.

My favorite Ewwww! Moment, however, was when I Twitted Greg Vederman (@TheVede) the burning question about whether the Diablo III game had let him re-grow hair or not, as he had stated it woulld in a PC Gamer magazine article back in 2008, if memory serves right (he had been that mag’s Hardware Editor for many years).

Vederman is the kind of cheap, vulgar and crude sort of fellow I’d really like to have as a friend (if he weren’t so cheap, vulgar and crude, that’s it; let’s not forget that he was the fellow who published a poem about his Willie in PC Gamer, after all).

Of course, his response to my barb was a typical Vederman Answer…. Concerning the placement of where the game had made his hair grow back.

Ewwww! Moment # 3.

I leave that to your imagination, folks.


Edwin Stark

Signing Off

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One thought on “Three “Ewwww” moments…

  1. What?! No Ewww three? 😉

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