Rolling Thunder

Yesterday, a thunderstorm came calling to the rainforest. It was one of the most impressive rains I’ve witnessed during my sixteen years living here. Mostly because a lightning bolt struck very close to my house.

Initially, I thought it had struck 25 or 30 yards away, but by a closer inspection of the area and by measuring the distance with my strides, it made me realize it hit closer than I first guessed. About a dozen yards.

It was a magnificent spectacle, though. I managed to witness the impact through my front door, which was open at the time It was a brilliant white flash, hitting right in the middle of the graveled road right in front of me, and was edged by a deep orange glow. The air reeked of ozone for a few minutes afterwards.

Luckily, power had gone out about 15 minutes earlier and I had gone through my routine of unplugging everything. However, the lightning still managed to cause some minor damages; one of the light switches burst out from its socket in the wall, ricocheting all over the living room.

Later that day, when power came back (8 hours later) I went through an exhaustive testing of everything electrical in my house. Seems everything is all right, but the lamp and wires related to the blown light switch have burned to a crisp. Estimated cost of repairing the damage: $500

Well, I guess I can live without that lamp.

P.S. Xaman has gone through a neat launch week, selling 32 copies as this writing, and getting 8 Kindle Unlimited borrows so far. It certainly has outlived every life cycle of each one of my other books. This time I attribute this to my very talented writing partner.

Edwin Stark

Signing Off

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