Introducing “Xaman” now in preorder… And TKD #3 Pt.1 FREE !

Who's Xaman?

Who’s Xaman?

Rachael Monroe was slowly ascending a small rise, using a seldom-used jungle trail. She was moving quickly, ignoring the weight of the bulky rucksack strapped to her back. She wore khaki shorts and a matching blouse. Her feet were shod in heavy hiking boots. Her long blonde hair was bunched up in a rather severe ponytail tied at the back of her head. As she crested the hill, she pushed a web-covered branch aside for a better view of the vale that was now stretched at her feet. Some loose, sticky strands of the spider web had fastened on Rachael’s forearm. She tried to brush them away, but only managed to clot them into little gluey lumps against her skin.She made a small, disgusted grimace as she individually picked off each one of the lumps with the fingers of her free hand. Rachael wasn’t the sort of woman who would freak out in the face of such minor inconveniencies. She was only in her late twenties, but she had already covered more than half the span of the globe: the entirety of Europe, most of the Far East, and a very risky photography stint in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. Last year, she had gone to the frozen wastelands in Patagonia.

She was a tough young woman who had seen a lot, and just a few sticky spider strands wouldn’t deter her from achieving her goals. Of course, she had a few personal phobias against a small, select group of wild critters, but fortunately spiders weren’t amongst them. When Rachael finally managed to get rid of the last clotted strand, she focused her attention on the view in front of her.

Devil’s Vale.

Thus begins Xaman, my latest book. It is a collaboration with Simone Beaudelaire, a very talented romance writer. It’s available at Amazon’s Kindle Store in its preorder phase (it will ship on September the 6th) and it has the introductory price of $2.99 (after the launch week, we’re planning to raise the price to $3.99).

Xaman started life one day as many other books do: ideas were expressed, then tossed into a had and stirred a bit. When the results began to show the promise of something interesting, Simone and I put the whole mix inside a blender and hit the frappe button. Personally, I still cani’t believe that I had been talked into writing a paranormal romance. LoL. And let me tell you, it was a very exciting experience.

The premise behind the book is quite simple:

In the jungles of Belize, an ancient power lurks, and American grad student Rachael Monroe is about to come face to face with it. But is it a monster from a long-dead culture, or something far more dangerous? And who is Xaman, the mysterious local man Rachael finds so inexplicably fascinating?

Seeking answers to these questions will lead Rachael deeper into the heart of a centuries-old mystery that might reveal to her a love that can surpass even death… or her own gruesome end.

Want to know more? Well, you’ll have to grab yourself a copy… It will be worth your money 😉

BTW: Attack of The Hackman! Will be a free download for the Kindle from Thursday through Sunday during this week.


Edwin Stark

Signing Off

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