It would have been such a Great Publicity Stunt.

Recently (as of June, 2014), George R.R. Martin offered to gruesomely kill someone in the upcoming book of his Songs of Ice and Fire series, as long as they donated $20,000 to the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary in Santa Fé, NM (details can be found here and in countless other websites).

Oh, boy! This got me into thinking: “That would be such a publicity stunt, wouldn’t it?

I mean, after having to deal with all the Stark jokes everyone has at my expenses, wouldn’t it be great that an Edwin Stark, some minor court scribe caught in the ever ebolving web of intrigue of the books was to be decapitated, eviscerated or pulled apart in quarters by wild horses? In fact, George, that fat lazy old bastard, would only have find a devious way to sneak me into the plot (I’m a Stark already, so that would save him half the work).

Just imagine the publicity and the resulting sales of my own books! As soon as everyone started typing it on Google, not only that particular character’s background story and Game of Thrones fan pages would pop up in a gazillion web searches… also everything related with my work would come along with it!

Sigh. Alas, just one look at my wallet told me that this is just another one of my silly daydreams. Also, I heard the two spots reserved for the donors were already taken.

Excuse me while I go into a corner to cry myself to sleep.

Edwin “Bloody Daydreamer” Stark

Signing Off

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