Farewell, Jimmy!

Damn, Jim! We're gonna miss you!

Damn, Jim! We’re gonna miss you!

I’m feeling a little deppressed…

Another of the good ones has abandoned the planet and he’ll be terribly missed.

James Garner recently died.

As usual, since I’m living nearly disconnected in the jungle, the news sort of tricked down to me, and I learned of his demise a little too late to pay him a proper and fitting goodbye. 😦

You see, this news has a double nasty punch to it; first, I grew up watching Maverick re-runs while I was a kid. Midway through the 80s, it was The Rockford Files. In the 90s, I was overjoyed to see him perform as the opossing force running against Mel Gibson’s shenanigans in the movie version of the first TV show.

He was basically playing a role against a role he had once played himself. Such a fantastic role reversal, something that I love as a writer.

Which brings me to the second reason this was a nasty punch. The Sheriff caracter of my own The Clayton Chronicles and my short story Old Friends Keep Tabs is modelled, at least in the physical sense, after James Garner.

It was quite a focusing point for a writer who has merely started to put words down to paper. Whenever I got stuck while writing all those short stories, I’d only have to think: “What would Jimmy do to fix this mess?”


Well, Jimmy… too bad we never got to meet in real life. I’d have loved to hand you a signed copy of Chronicles.

Edwin Stark

Signing Off


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