Seven Billion Sheep

You may have noticed that things are rather quiet on this blog of late;  I’m on the verge of launching a new book to the market… and I’m involved in a constant, heated exchange with a very special lady that, frankly, has kept me more busy than an one-legged man participating in an ass-kicking contest.

This post’s title? Very soon you’ll see how it all relates.

A few months back, more exactly three, there was a lot of hoopla in the Internet over an article about how 78 people in the world control 99 percent of the world’s riches… leaving the rest of us poor slobs having to deal with the remainder. At that time, someone shared the article on his or her Facebook timeline. Me, as the Mr. Smartypants I was, left a snarky comment on it. Well, let’s fast-forward three months.

The other night I was chatting with this special lady by means the Facebook chat, which is more or less the only way we can communicate in real time. I’ve been considering ways to use Skype, but with a 2 Kpbs broadband that’s the equivalent of trying to push an elephant into a Mountain Dew soda can. So for the time being, the FB chat shall be. Sigh.

Suddenly, the shared article post about 78-people-enjoying-all-the-riches comes alive in the background. Be-blop, goes Facebook as it notifies me that someone has added a comment to the original post after all this time. Who knows the reason; maybe it was someone so friendless on FB that he can afford to skim through ancient posts. The fact is the post was revived once more. At the moment, I didn’t mind it much, as my focus was on more important and lovable subjects. It was just the occasional comment here and there.

However, while I was chatting with my love, that post became a flurry of activity.

Be-blop. Be-blop. Be-blop. Be-blop. It became frantic. Be-blop. Be-blop. Now, it was as annoying as a bunch of grackles sitting on a telephone wire.

I switched to the post, trying to figure out what was happening. I was also hoping to stop this craziness by clicking on its Stop Notifications button. There was an avalanche of recent comments on the original share, directly below my small collaboration, three months ago. Of course, all my attempts to silence the notifications were to no avail; not a single click on the Stop Notification button did register, most probably due my lousy Internet connection.

The messages were in the line of “this is outrageous!”, “something must be done about it!” “Let’s overthrow them!” and “yeah, we’re 7,000,000,0000 against 78!”

Of course, this last comment made me chuckle. Yeah, 7 billion against 78, sure.

There I was, watching the level of Mankind’s stupidity rise like a furious tide. It sounds so great, doesn’t it? All right! Now everybody push together to fix things!

I’ve seen this before. All those Occupy-This! and Occupy-That! movements that are only frustrated attempts to achieve… nothing. Wanna know why they fail? They lack cohesion and leadership. Of course, there are great plans that could make the world a better place (I’ve concocted a few of these myself), but their main problem is that they never achieve the necessary critical mass for them to be effective. By the time you reach a thousand followers and you ask them to: ‘Push to the RIGHT! Now!’ you will soon find out that only one third is pushing as directed… while the rest are pushing, shoving and pulling in whichever direction possible, absolutely neutralizing the desired effect.

Be-Blop! Be-Blop! Be-Blop! It was amusing; these morons wanted to overthrown The Man… and they were the sort of people who couldn’t fight their way out from a wet brown paper bag. Be-Blop! Be-Blop! Be-Blop!

Then, sudden inspiration. I clicked on the trail of comments to add another one:

“You’re 7 billion sheep against 78 wolves. Since WHEN does the sheep plot against the wolves that prey upon them?”

Blessed Silence.

There’s nothing like an uncomfortable Truth to clear a noisy room.

Be-Blop! quoth the Facebook.

Edwin Stark

Signing Off


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One thought on “Seven Billion Sheep

  1. I tend to take more of a Les Miserables approach. I know most people have probably seen one or more of the movie versions (only the musical version stays true to the spirit of the novel… and Hugh Jackman sings, which is always good… but I digress). If you analyze the theme of this novel, it is something like this: you cannot save the world, but you can help someone else. The reward is not in this world anyway.

    Those who attempt to buck the establishment end up dying a swift and bloody death. This has always been the way. I don’t see it changing in the near future. But all is not lost. I can’t save the world. I can’t even save my town. But I can help someone. I can make dinner for my sister when she’s out of food. I can volunteer to work at VBS at my church. I can smile at the cashier and wish her a nice day, even if she didn’t do the best job. All those things matter.

    They don’t increase my wealth. They don’t do anything about ‘the man’ but they make my world a bit brighter. And maybe, if I’m lucky, someone else’s too.

    Today I ran into an old high school friend. She told me she has taken on custody of two of her brother’s children, because their mother abandoned them and their father, and over the road trucker, can’t care for them anymore. She and her husband had to buy a larger house to make room for them all, and they have three children of their own. Stories like this remind me that while society might be a mess, there is always room for kindness and doing the right thing. Because true wealth has nothing to do with money.

    Oh, and I remember that conversation. It was nice. ❤

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