An interview with David P. Forsyth, Zombie Author Extraordinare

David P- Forsyth

David P- Forsyth

Okay. Let’s try something different today. I’m going to do my best to interview my friend David P. Forsyth, author of the Sovereign Spirit Saga series (zombie apocalypse genre) and Sedulity, well, another post-apocalyptic novel. David and I met online after I read the first book in the SSS series (if you ask me, the man seems a little obsessed with the letter “S” for titling his works) .

I found a couple of flaws in his work, especially in the character development side of the story and his e-mail was at the end of the book… and he seemed eager to hear about suggestions and such. Well, by Jove!… I was going to share a piece of my mind with him.

The e-mail exchange that followed laid the foundation of our current friendship. He agreed on the flaws and promised he’d try to do better in the future, which was quite surprising since most authors would want to pass anyone who made such observations through an industrial meatgrinder. He even convinced me to try my hand in my own zombie series, but that’s a story you can read about in the introduction of my Aftermath and Other Zombie Shorts e-book. And, even in spite of that I had some fun at his expense in that intro, the guy even awarded me with a great 5-star review. This dude is certainly a cool guy!

Well, that’s enough introductory drivel, I guess, so let’s get the interview rolling.

ES: Welcome, David. It’s nice to have you here. For the purposes of this interview, we’ll use a couple of nice dentist chairs. Please don’t mind that weird-looking German guy who’s holding all that dentistry equipment in his hands, Dave, and have a seat. Relax. Comfy, aren’t they? So, please tell us a little about yourself.

DPF: Thanks, Edwin. I think it’s nice to be here too, aside from the heat, humidity, bugs, and communists all over the place. From the looks of that German guy I think it best if I don’t say too much about myself. I better save something in case he plans to extract information the hard way.

I think Geneva Conventions do require that I tell you my name is David Forsyth, my rank is newbie indie author with three years of limited experience in the field of writing fiction, and my masters degree in international relations means I am probably better qualified to run your country than the guys who have doing it lately.


The One That Started It All

ES: Amen to that. When was the first time that it did occur to you that you could write a book and accomplish something with self-publishing it? How did the Sovereign Spirit Saga come to exist?

DPF: It was an epiphany that struck me after reading a particularly awful science fiction book on Kindle. I was truly angry that I had wasted 99 cents on a piece of garbage that had obviously never been graced by the presence of an editor, publisher, or proofreader. My anger and disgust lasted all of a few heartbeats until it dawned on me that if that poor excuse for a writer could get me to give him a dollar for his incoherent scribbling, I should be able to inflict the same fate on others. I started writing Voyage of the Dead that very day.

Voyage and the rest of the Sovereign Spirit Saga evolved out of daydreams I had while commuting for several hours per day on the freeways of Los Angeles. It started simply enough, as do most great and terrible things alike. I thought about what I would do if I won the lottery. Then I thought of ways to get rid of all the people who made my commute so torturous. I added the two of them together and came up with my own unique approach to a zombie apocalypse.


ES: Are you pleased / surprised with all the unexpected success of your Sovereign Spirit Saga, Dave?

DPF: Of course I am pleased and surprised! How else could I have ended up in this dentist chair answering your silly questions? I thought this was supposed to be a serious interview.

ES: First a zombie outbreak that spawned a moderately successful series, then the impact of a meteor against our world…. What other apocalyptic scenario do you plan to unleash on the unsuspecting reading public next?

DPF: Now I see what you are up to! Looks like you’ll need those dental tools after all. There is no way I am spilling the beans on my other apocalyptic plots, except to say they are legion. However, I am currently consumed with writing sequels in the Sovereign Spirit Saga and “Sedulity 2: Aftershock” (not to be confused with your Aftermath books). There are simply too many people bugging me for more installments of my first two series to consider doing anything else yet. However, I have outlined several other ways to end the world as we know it and do plan to implement them someday.

Sedulity: Displacing Hemingway in the charts since... a give it a miss.

Sedulity: Displacing Hemingway in the charts since… ah, give it a miss.

ES: Are you happy with being the Irwin Allen of the self-publishing world?

DPF: That’s the most flattering thing anyone has ever asked me, Edwin. Total nonsense of course, but a nice thought all the same. In all seriousness, I have been stunned by the response to Sedulity. I credit the fans of my zombie books who were willing to take a slight detour in their reading habits. It was a gentle shift in genre. Still apocalyptic. Still focused on survivors aboard a ship. Just exchange zombies for an asteroid and bingo! My little fan base drove “Sedulity 1: Impact” up the charts far and fast enough that a new and larger audience discovered it. It’s probably a fleeting thing (pun intended) but it did feel great to pass Ernest Hemmingway on the way to having the Amazon #1 Bestseller in Sea Adventures for seven weeks.

ES: You took quite a ribbing in my introduction to my own zombie series, “Aftermath”, David. I even christened you “Dudalicious Dave”. You seem to have taken it with good spirits. No hard feelings?

DPF: Can I get out of this chair if I say it’s all cool? No hard feelings, Edwin. I still laugh when I think about it. And I certainly deserved it for keeping you hanging with suggestions of a collaboration. Personally, I’m proud to have pushed you into writing your own zombie series and hope I can help it get noticed. I enjoyed the first two books and am looking forward to more. I also appreciate and enjoy your sense of humor. Can I get up now?

ES: Yep, you can… Well, that seems all the time/space we have for this interview (the German dentist gentleman behind you seems too eager to start his job, Dave). I hope that everyone who reads it enjoys it. Any last words, David?

DPF: Yes! Lots of them! I just need more time to compose them properly… But if I must leave your audience with something, let it be a FREE book! You don’t need to torture me to get it! Voyage of the Dead is FREE on Amazon, Nook, Kobo, iBooks, etc… Seriously. I’m not making it up. Well, I did make up the story, but not this. See for yourself at There, I gave you everything! Just look at the “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought” list for links to everything else I have to offer. It’s all right there! Thanks for inviting me over, Edwin, but I really do need to get going now.

ES: Well, that’s about it. I hope everyone has enjoyed this little exercise in amateur journalism. See you all very soon.

Edwin Stark

Signing Off


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4 thoughts on “An interview with David P. Forsyth, Zombie Author Extraordinare

  1. I loved that. Great interview and I’ll be checking out David’s books, for sure Thanks for posting.

  2. Kellie

    Awesome interview! Very well done.

  3. Great humorous interview, guys! David, your books sound terrific. I will go take a look.

  4. great interview

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