Choosing content for my blog…

People keep telling me that I ought to write more often for my blog. Once more, this is another case of people running their mouths without really knowing all the relevant data. I can even imagine how their minds work; they think life in the fringe of a rainforest must be glamorous and exciting… and that Tarzan and his pet chimp drop by every weekend for tea and cucumber sandwiches (which is absolutely untrue: they drop by every other weekend. Sigh. There I go again; using my sense of humor as a defense mechanism).

Actually, life in a rainforest is pretty boring. Wake up at 2 AM and stare into the darkness until sunrise (if there’s an electric brownout) or spend some time writing (if electricity deigns to be on). At 5 AM, go out and do my daily chores like raking leaves or collecting deadwood before the air becomes too hot to even breathe. Then wait for the sun to go down enough to allow me resume my chores by 3 PM and then go to bed by 6 PM.

No one wants to read about that. Too boring.

Originally, this blog was intended to attract potential readers to my books, and I still post book-related stuff about what I write (occasionally) but it isn’t working. My book sales are absolutely nil, so I can guess the original purpose of this blog has been defeated.

Seems no one wants to read about my books, then.

I could start making posts about the horrible stuff that’s happening in my country, like the news about how AIDS patients that are dropping like flies because they can’t get their retroviral drugs cocktails or how our Beloved Fearless Leader, El Presidento, seems to require a new tinfoil hat, but… That would get me into a lot of hot water, you know… You wouldn’t want that, would you?

Sometimes I wonder…

See? It ain’t easy to chose what to write about in this place. So I’ll stick to posting when I feel like it, as usual.

Edwin Stark

Signing Off

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