Memo to humanity: How was your weekend so far?

My Savings Account

My Savings Account

Yes, good question… How was your weekend so far?

Most probably (by the time you read this), you woke up late about eightish or nineish, had a hearty breakfast and went to do some weekend chores like cleaning up the house, stock up in groceries or something like that. Maybe you’ll visit some friends in the afternoon or perhaps will go golfing, or maybe fishing to a nearby lake. Tomorrow, maybe you’ll attend your preferred church.

How will I spend mine. Me? I’ll have my nose stuck into a garbage can, rummaging through it to search for scrap metal, like aluminum cans or copper wire. Not probably. No Maybe. No Perhapses here. I know I will be, since I have no other choice. I’m dirt poor.

I share the fate of several billions of human beings on this world, who live on the threshold of survival with a daily income of  little less than a dollar; the main difference here is… while the other billions like me toil and struggle silently (which is the way how mankind prefers it), I’m smart enough to know how to express in words my situation and I have some Internet access capability to send it out to an indifferent world who doesn’t even care. If you’re discomfitted enough to squirm in your seat while reading this, well, I’ve done my job. In the picture here, I’m standing next to nearly 600 pounds of crushed aluminum cans; it’s my current fund stash for really baaaad times, something I could turn to in case things go phenomenally fucked up… which I feel is coming around the corner.

Today, by 6 PM, I’ll return home with 6 to 8 pounds of scavenged beverage cans and a pound of insulated wires, reeking of sewage and beer yeast. I’m very sure I’ll have to go to bed smelling like this, since the drought has been so harsh of late that I’m now rationing water, and washing clothes is not a priority at the moment.

Tomorrow, I’ll be heading to the local dump and fight with zamuros (the local name for vultures) for first scavenging-rights over a ripe-about-to-burst plastic garbage bag. Believe me; you haven’t lived your life fully until you have fought a flock of zamuros. Maybe I should start a campaign to turn it into our National Pastime.

On Monday, I’ll go to the nearby town of Caucagua and sell the proceedings of all this for less than 50 cents (in US$) a pound. I’ll probaly get paid 7 or 8 bucks for the whole mess. That will be my food budget for the week. Meanwhile, humanity doesn’t care. Complete indifference.

Memo to Humanity: that’s the keyword. Indifference.

You’re sowing the seeds of your own destruction.

While you’re in church tomorrow, remember these words: Do unto others…

Yeah, I know… I ruined your weekend just by mentioning how I’m leading my life.

Ah, another P.S. to Humanity: Get Bent. You deserve what’s coming to you…

Edwin Stark

Signing Off

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