The Incredibly Shrinking Rainforest

Bye-Bye Heliconias...

Bye-Bye Heliconias…

Bad news for Nature lovers, Eco-Hippies and the sort out there

For the past week, one of my so-called neighbors (I call’em that way because they own land near to mine, but I barely see them once a year… or even less) has taken to completely raze a green hilly tract which extends beyond the limits of his plot.

It was mostly a hillock covered by Riqui-Riqui (Heliconia hirsuta, a big leaves plant, whose flower in the butterfly variant is depicted in the photo; it’s musacea, distantly related to the banana tree). There was also a grove of ancient cedar trees growing there, along with some beautiful Jacaranda, Araguaney and Apamate trees (which flower intensely yellow and purplish-blue during the summer months). The extension of the damage is massive; these idiots deforested an area equal to twenty football fields.

Most of the ensuing environmental damage will come from the removal of the Heliconia plants, as their broad leaves prevented raindrops from hitting the ground so hard, turning raging tropical rainstorms into gentle rains at the soil level. This helped preserve the fragile black topsoil, which is less than 1/8th of an inch in some places down here. Dig a little deeper, and you’ll only find expansive hidroscopic clay.

I’ve been watching helplessly as these motherf****** have been razing, chopping trees, piling up the quickly drying Heliconia plants and setting the piles on fire for  a week. Their plans? Grow corn, banana and plantain in this newly cleared space. They aren’t even fertilizing, which means the topsoil will be depleted in just ONE (1) great, bountiful crop. Subsequent attempts to grow something there will fail completely, as the hill will become an exhausted lump of dead clay.

The area they’re destroying is a green belt, therefore supposedly protected by environmental laws. However, these a******* are supporters of the current regime that’s wreaking havok on my country, which makes them untouchable by all means. I consulted a few legal advisors from a couple environmental groups I interact with, and they tell me “no way, José” (which means; if I file a complain, I’d propably end in jail and these morons would get a medal; wouldn’t that be a barrel of laughs?)

The future looks bleak. My estimations about how much it will cost to fix this damage is somewhere around the $250,000 mark.

Which no one is interested to part with… so…

Well, I guess so-called progress has won this round.

Edwin Stark

Signing Off

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One thought on “The Incredibly Shrinking Rainforest

  1. Such a tragedy. It is incredible that people can be so cold and distant toward nature. I suppose it can be thought of as having no common sense.

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