This Year’s Last Fire?

Business as usual down here

Business as usual down here

(*sigh*) Ah, well. It was unavoidable. The drought has lasted too long and one of the land plots bordering mine caught fire. Good thing I had built a wide firebreak line there and it helped to stop the blazes from entering my own land.However, it still made a real mess of things; the heat was too intense that the flames roasted my beautiful hedge of hibiscus flowers and two morichales caught fire in spite of my best efforts (morichal is a palm tree that is so evolutionary stupid it clings to its dry dead branches as if there’s no tomorrow. This creates quite a flammable circle of deadwood debris around the tree and BLAMO!… the next grassfire in line kills it). I try to keep these moronic palm trees reasonably clear of their own combustible stuff, but they just seem intent in giving me trouble…. I’m half tempted of chopping them down and be done with it, but I can’t find in me the necessary strenght to perform this evil task.

I’ll spend the rest of this weekend trimming the hedge, hoping the hibiscus bushes will sprout once more when they recover… If they ever do… as they were terribly damaged by the fire. Weather reports on the radio claim the dry season is about to end. I sincerely hope so… I like the dry atmosphere a lot, but everything is dying of thirst and it looks rather depressing.

P.S. Something terrible happened to me this week… So far, it’s something I have told only to some online friends and writing colleages about. Maybe I’ll find the gumption to tell all you folks about it during the next week or so… Maybe not… Whatever.

Edwin Stark

Signing Off

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3 thoughts on “This Year’s Last Fire?

  1. I can’t imagine how frightening a fire like that is for you. Happy to know that you and your home are safe. I am curious about one thing … You write English very well but you have never left your country. I take it that English is mandatory in schools there, right? My son spent a few years in Holland where he studied art and he told me that English was mandatory in their public schools. Although, he was required to learn Dutch before he was allowed to register for the University. I always find it fascinating to learn about other countries and cultures.

    I hope the drought ends soon. Be well.
    R.M. Putnam (Rose)

    • Well, my command of English derives mainly from the fact that I’ve always been a complete misfit in Venezuela. I like order, hard work, learning new things and changing the world around me (even if it’s just a few bits here and there at a time), which makes me a total outcast.
      To answer your question, I spoke German as a toddler, but that got lost by exposure to an all-Spanish speaking environment. I learned English’s basics in high school, when it was mandatory. These days, not so much, since the country is slowly sliding back to the 17th Century. Later, I self-taught myself the language by reading sci-fi, fantasy and Stephen King’s books, along with a large collection of MAD magazines. My spoken English is a bit rusty, since there’s not one else with whom to speak (not that it would do any good: I sound like Schwatzenegger with a bad cold).

  2. I love the idea of you sounding like Arnie with a cold. Glad you got through the fire, reasonably unscathed. Hope the hedge perks up.

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