The Drought Still Rages On!

Is that a smile, li'l buddy?

Is that a smile, li’l buddy?

Well, the dry season is still going, folks. I should know, since the local fauna is going a little restless as it migrates all over the place in search of water. I caught the little guy depicted in the picture inside my kitchen, perched on top of my stove. I didn’t realize he was there until he smashed a couple of cooking crockery when he pushed them off from a nearby counter.

It certainly made a mess. As you can clearly see in the photo, it wasn’t really pleased to pose for the picture, but he struck lucky: if I were a vindictive guy, he would be a brand new belt by now… just so I could get even for my broken pots. It was simply looking for a wet area. I can’t really blame it. Then, I simply walked to the nearest creek and found a stagnant waterhole where I could release it, and left it there.

The iguana stared at me with its alien reptilian eyes for a few seconds and hissed at me, just before it swirled about to disappear into the drying rainforest.

And he isn’t the only critter moving about, sneaking into my house in search for water. For the past two weeks, I’ve had to deal with the tantrums of bats, spiders, snakes and armadillos, which are migrating either for lack of water, or that are escaping the constant shifting grassfires.

This weekend alone I had to evict from my house three bats (one of the vampire kind), two snakes and several dozens Araña Mona, our local equivalent of the Tarantula. I also had to tolerate two migrations of bachacos through my living room. (What are bachacos? Remember those nasty, big red ants depicted near the end of Indiana Jones and The Crystal Skull? Well, those CGI critters are only the small cousins of the ones I have lurking around)

When these things decide its time to move their colonies, you are limited to climb aboard a couch or a chair, wielding a baseball bat, and wait till this living carpet passes you by. (The baseball bat is for my personal protection, in this case. We Grow Them Big Down Here!)

Well, this was just a little update of the current dry season.

I hope it won’t last for very long.


Edwin Stark

Signing Off



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