Making some subtle changes to the blog layout…

I’ve been making changes to the blog layout.

The work is slow, especially when all I have to reach the cyberspace is a battered cell-phone with Internet capabilities.

The alterations are rather subtle. No big deal.

I added a “My Books” tab to the heading of the main posting area. I’m doing it because 8 out 10 marketing books recommend this to improve online visibility. Personally, I think this idea sucks big time; my books seem to have the appeal of a dead mackarel that has been left under the sun for at least a couple of weeks (sounds harsh, but my Smashwords stats support this idea: Every time I do a Twitter promo leading to that site,  hundreds of people go to my book’s sale pages, have a look…. and then don’t even bother to download the 40 % or 20% samples I’ve set up there… *sigh*) 😦

I’m also about to remove the “introducing my 2nd novel” and “the first chapter of Eco Station” tabs; I plan to integrate the first one into the sub- page I made for Eco Station… and the sequel project of that book has been abandoned.

As I said before, this will take time, not only because of my severely limited online resources, but also mainly because I’m completely depressed from the last publishing flop that “Fermata Girl” has become (sold 11 copies… as usual to all my online acquitances, who insist I’m a brilliant writer.  Mind that all these online friends are people I’ve never met in real life (I can’t get the few friends I have left from my school days to buy a copy… not even at gunpoint): they don’t have made any emotional investment in me, so their opinions are portrayed here on a bona fide basis. However, I don’t see the brilliance anywhere; brilliant writing tends to find its own audience sooner or later by means of word of mouth, which is exactly what I’m not generating. Also, brilliant writing doesn’t vanish into oblivion after only 11 sales had been made.

As you can guess, I’m having a very hard episode of the blue funks. To insist on sinking more and more work into non-rewarding activities, like this “book tab” I’m adding to the blog, tend to do that to me. Well, I guess that’s about it for the time being.

Sorry to lay this bummer post on you guys.

Edwin Stark

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2 thoughts on “Making some subtle changes to the blog layout…

  1. It made me laugh when you said on Ammy the other day that you write books you like and there is hardly anyone like you so they don’t sell. Well, if it helps at all, I’ve only made the $10 pay out threshold on Smashwords once, since 2010 and it’s taken me another year to make a further $3 and 98p on Kobo.

    In short. You’re not alone.



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