Another writing milestone…

The continuation of “The Karaoke Duo” series

Well, I just hit the “publish” button for Fermata Girl Vs. The Medallion of Doom. It is already on sale at Amazon, Kobo and Barnes and Noble as a downloadable e-book. I expect it will pop up on Apple any moment soon, this week or the next.Personally, I believe this book one of my finest (and craziest) creations. It even earned a 5-star review on its launch week. I feel honored (and rather dizzy) when someone says I’m brilliant, referring to my writing.

I was busy for some time, since I was also working on the paperback version of the first book of the series The Karaoke Duo. It’s about time, since the e-book went on sale more than a year ago. Of course, you can imagine my need to hurry on pursuing this endeavor, considering the monumental sales numbers that one had (less than 20 copies sold)… 😀 (BTW… I just received the e-mail that I should aprove the digital proof… next thing, tomorrow morning.

Though Fermata Girl seemed such a promising piece of work, it already has gone through its entire lifecycle in less than 36 hours; it sold 11 copies, hitting spot # 10 in Amazon’s Hot Sellers in the satire department… and then it plummeted into oblivion.

I must be getting better at this: my last book took 48 hours to live out its entire shelf life.

Right now, I feel that Fermata was the last book that I had inside me. I still haven’t found my next writing project.

Edwin Stark

Signing Off

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