This weekend’s indie book recommendation…

A terrific read for sci-fi. romance and fantasy fans

Hey, everyone! Today, I want to recommend you this book; it has earned several 5-star reviews during its launch week and its causing a tiny stir in the Paranormal and Romance sales ranking (the last time I looked it was sitting at spot # 12). L.W. Browning is a talented writer and has achieved an amazing mix of sci-fi, fantasy and romance elements in what is her very first novel. I plan to buy a copy of her book as soon as my finances will allow me to do it.

Meanwhile, while my first royalty payment arrives (sometime around Feb the 31th on the Year of Our Lord 5,350; sorry about that, LW… it’s a harsh reality)… why don’t you guys go to Amazon and grab yourselves a copy?

It’s a steal at $3.99 for the kindle edition. I heard that a paperback is in the works

Edwin Stark

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