I just hit a snag in my publishing schedule…

Hector’s Tale is finally available on Amazon and B&N!

Sigh. Well, Hector’s Tale, the first one of a series of shorts called Nosfort Stories that I plan to publish is finally out. Of course, this one bit of information is completely worthless for anyone who hasn’t read either Cuentos or The Clayton Chronicles. In this series I plan intend to explore the stories behind certain key (but minor) characters living in my fictional town of Nosfort, Massachusetts. Be ready to meet a wide cast of ghouls, creeps and assorted monsters in this one, as it’s customary with anything that happens in this creepy town.

On this occasion, I wrote about the owner and operator of Lozano’s Junkyard; people begged me to tell them about why Hector Lozano is so creepy, since he always makes everyone around a bit nervous when he’s present. The story is a bit conventional, but, hey, the important thing is that I’m finally telling my readers (in a very conspirator manner) what’s the real deal with this sleazy Latino.

On other news, this one not as good as the previous news, is that I finished writing Fermata Girl Vs The Medallion if Doom… but the project seems fated to be shelved for a while. You see, I split the text in several chunks, 12-15 pages long, so all my writer friends could help me to proofread it a little with it before release. That way, no one could claim this part of the project would take away too much of their spare time. It worked like a charm in the beginning, but I ran out of helpful hands halfway through this step, so the novel is just about 35 percent polished, so I guess it’s stalled for the time being.

I think I’ll start looking out for more volunteers in January, when everyone is not so busy with the end of the year’s festivities. Of course, I know of at least three or four people that will be disappointed about this crazy thing not being released on Christmas as planned, but hey, that’s real life for me.

Edwin Stark

Signing Off

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2 thoughts on “I just hit a snag in my publishing schedule…

  1. Linda McKinney

    None of the links are active, so here is the Amazon link. 🙂


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