Two Really Gory Tales…

Gosh! I thought I nearly lost the chance for getting a great review of my book “Cuentos”.

(The review in question can be found here!)

The main reason for this event that nearly happened, is two stories set at the middle of this book in particular, which are really, really gory. The writing in those two tales (Revenant and Hate the future) is strong and powerful… and it nearly cost me a review.

Well, you see, the wonderful lady who wrote it in the end, almost decided to give up on resuming her read after reading these two stories. The first one, Revenant, is about a vengeful undead who comes back from the grave to exact revenge on his dumb half-brother. It is a bit gory, nearly stephenkingesque (is that a proper word, Hmmm?) in its description of a rapidly decaying body. Hate the Future is the story of a mob lynching in an uncomfortably near future. Both stories are inspired on events of my real life… which may explain the power behind the words I set on the page.

I know, I know; both stories are set at the middle of the book and, now that I think of it, they resemble a literary rattrap in wait for any unwary reader. The first four tales are whimsical, almost charming, vampire tales… the four ones at the end are sci-fi, a bit creepy on occasion… and the last one is rather funny. These two stories in question are Pure Terror… and that’s exactly how I titled the section where these two tales are located. I even put a clearly printed warning in the preface heading them.

Maybe I should put a humongous Warning Label/Sticker in red letters on the cover…

Thankfully (Pheeew!), this lady (and I can’t help to use the word liberally) reconsidered, resumed her reading, and then gave me a stellar, 5-star review on Amazon. (Double Phew!)

Thanks, Simone! You’re truly a lady!

Edwin Stark

Signing Off

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