If I were a Senator…

I was in an online chat the other day and was discussing the way how any nation can balance its budget (using only common sense, the rarest commodity on the face of the Earth these days) when someone overhearing (or over-reading this) decided to meddle in and said: “You should run for Senate, dude.”

I disregarded this as inane online chatter with a shrug… but it suddenly made me think…

If I were a Senator (paraphrasing a popular Cantinflas’ movie) my first move would be to cut my exaggerated salary to a livable level without many frills. This would certainly put all my Senator colleagues in a pickle… and make them wonder what kind of madman had just landed amongst their ranks. Yes, I’d live on a salary a bit higher than the fellow constituents of the state I ran for (I maybe insane but I’m not stupid), but it wouldn’t be the obscene sums your current Senators like to cash in and squander away at the cost of the taxpayers.

I’d probably go to Senate sessions dressed in a casual manner, maybe only in a T-shirt, jeans and comfortable running shoes… not a $8,000.95 Armani suit. I’d wear my battered old Casio clock that is quite exact even after 20 years of dropping it into ponds and once having it run over by the tires of a school bus. Maybe in a fancy of dissipation I’d have its worn leather strap replaced by another of stainless steel.

My entire staff would be a secretary and a liaisons aide in Capitol City, mainly because I’d be living amongst my fellow constituents, in a neat little middle class house, and paying heed to their troubles. I’d probably have to travel a lot back and forth but, hey, I’d love to accrue the mileage. Of course, the only concession to luxury I’d afford here would be that I’d travel First Class (I don’t like much the idea of flying with my feet practically jammed in the front passenger’s butt; I had my fill of that while traveling in Venezuelan buses).

If I were to stay in Capitol City, it would be staying in the cheapest accommodation possible without falling into squalor. I’d have my eyes peeled for the passing of laws that would affect the lifestyle of my voters. Ohhh, how would I love to snitch on other Senators if they dared to propose a law that messed with the life of the common man. (Press conferences, anyone?) And my hand would be never be risen to approve an increase in expenses accounts and already over-bloated salaries for the Legislative body.

And then…

Wanna know what happened after?

Nothing. I woke up… that’s the nature of Dreams.

Dreams are like that… Dreams, like that poet once had said…

Edwin Stark

Signing Off

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