Miley Cirus = Pornna Montana?

mileyRecently, I’ve been following the aftermath of Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance in the media, and I must confess that I’m truly amused. The overdone reaction (of nearly everyone over thirty) to what she did onstage certainly has me in stitches.

Most of the negative feedback that I’ve seen so far regarding this comes from (supposed) adults with younger children and teenagers, who are just expressing their unconscious fear that the younger generation (especially their kids) will start emulating her.

Parents: if I recall correctly my teenager years, at the time us kids were doing things more degenerate than dressing in a Madonna wanna-be costume (trust me, there was more than flattery in the deliberate resemblance) as Cyrus did, and then act lasciviously on stage. Yep, more depraved things… like wearing pastel colors and trying to look like Don Johnson (shudder). If the modern adults weren’t seeing their youth through such idyllic and rosy-colored glasses, they would be running like mad to the phone book and find out who’s able to install one-way mirrors in their kids’ bedrooms.

Kids: if you’re reading this (hardly feasible but still a possibility; you’re illiterate to the point of being unable to read anything that doesn’t come spelled in SMSpeak: wll I cum @ 8 ? ;-P ) just be aware that all we have in Miley Cyrus is a young adult woman (a little twisted by her undeserved fame) who seems to be determined to embarrass and shock adults everywhere (and maybe boost her records sales) like Madonna did so many years ago. Personally, I guess that anyone who’s letting themselves go upset (or overly influenced) by this poor taste in showmanship is an individual who’s simply as arrested in their mental development as the cause of all this ruckus.

This, is just a fad… the latest star craze…  and it will be promptly forgotten… unless you want to keep stirring the pot…

Edwin Stark

Signing Off

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