My Writing Projects For The Near Future

Sigh. Well, I did my work, traveling countless miles (and invest $100 in bus fares) to transcribe the Second Episode of Aftermath, then I had to walk another 20 miles to upload it to Amazon and (luckily) I was able to do some marketing on my cell phone by using Twitter and Facebook, trying to reach a few bloggers to get a few reviews. Alas, it was all for naught; I was unable to get anyone interested in the damn thing and only 8 copies were sold, mostly to friends and acquaintances (net loss: $98.76).

Ouch. That’s my income of nearly two months down here in Venezuela.

Well, I guess I’m a totally failure as a writer. And since it seems I’ll be remaining in total obscurity, the necessity to start planning my next writing projects has arisen, especially if they have a low-cost (read: zero) tag attached to it.
First of all, the idea of continuing the transcription of Aftermath into a word processing file will have to be shelved until I’m able to get my hands on a new computer or find a way to repair the older one. Seeing how things were going until now, my estimate date to resume this would be sometime January 31, 4378 AD.

Now, what writing projects can I pursue? I have about 10 novels waiting (some are in queue for the best part of 18 months) to be edited, including the revision I’m doing of Eco Station One, which is a very cumbersome task when I only have the 1-inch screen of my cell phone to achieve it, but it’s feasible… and free.

I’ll do them in this order: First, Eco Station One is a must (I’m only 50 pages away from finishing the edits). Then I’ll start working on the sequel to TKDVsTKZ right away. Next maybe I’ll do a deep clean up of “Metal Mannequin Press”, which is the book I was working on before my PC died; I call this one my indie-writer fantasy and/or fairy tale (mainly because the protagonist writes a book, self-publishes it… and succeeds). Also, there’s work pending in my sequel to AI Rebellion (Die and Learn as its tentative title).

Will they get published? Who knows? I just ran out of incentives to keep running this insane rat race the self-published author has to face everyday

Edwin Stark
Signing Off

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One thought on “My Writing Projects For The Near Future

  1. Anonymous

    Sorry to hear about the Aftermath series Edwin, I enjoyed both books & thought the exploits of young Danny Cargill would have made a good series.

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