One Piece At A Time

Yay! Second part is LIVE!!!

Well, I just hit the ‘Publish’ button for the second installment of Aftermath.For those who didn’t read through the Venezuelan Bus Odyssey series in this blog and are unaware of all the effort this entails, here is a short condensed version:

I walked 20 miles under a heavy rain, waited eight hours in a queue and I had to endure the 600 miles trip (back and forth) to my friend’s home. Then I had to endure the evil eye stare of my friend’s wife burning my back for the best part of five hours while I typed the six legal pads that comprised the manuscript I had the intention of transcribe that day. She doesn’t like me at all; no Venezuelan woman ever does (they find incomprehensible, cryptic and impossible to manipulate), and we tolerated each that day other until she began to get under my skin. I wrapped my work as best as I could and then bid farewell to my friend, ready to return to my house in the rainforest.

Quite a difference when compared with the average Indie writer, who only has to sit at his or her home, write his books im his or her own PC and then, after a lot of judicious editing, they only have to hit the publish button after uploading their work into Amazon or Smashwords’ servers from the comfort of their own houses, isn’t it? Before making the return trip, I sent the damn whole thing to my preferred proofreaders, three nice ladies who have stomachs strong enough to read my books before these typo-ridden monstrosities reach the public. They helped me clean up the text a bit, but they’re only human, you know.

I did my best to provide my few readers with a decent ‘transition’ tale, pretty much self-contained, but with enough of a cliffhanger value to get them interested into this potential series. But… will there be a next part? That’s the reading market’s final decision. If enough readers show an interest, well, then I’ll repeat my trip to my friend’s house and resume transcribing the next portion of Aftermath (I calculate it will be a four of five part series). If not, then I’ll know that not enough persons are paying attention to it, and then I’ll simply avoid all the unrewarding effort this represents.

See ya around…

Edwin Stark
Signing Off

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