My Creative Process (Part # 1)

As a few of my followers know (very few; I believe that most of them think this is the blog belonging to a funeral parlor), I’m an indie writer (this means I self-publish).  I suddenly thought it’d be nice to share with all of you the way I create and write my stories.

First of all, there’s the concept of… well, the concept behind the story.

Everyday, I get thousands of ideas to write about. I see a curious-looking flower… that gives me an idea. I see a humblebee erratically flying toward it… that gives me another. I mean, I have thousands of ideas every minute. In the past, when I began to write. I used to jot them down on Post-It notes, treasuring each one as a precious jewel.

But as I began to learn the ropes about being a writer, I realized this was a terrible waste of time and money in the form of thousands of nearly illegible scribbles glued all over the house. I began to feel stupid.

So I created my Fabled Writer’s Trunk. It isn’t real, you see; it’s just a place where I file potentially good ideas for later use. Nearly all my good ideas go in there, but only a few manage to survive a self-destruction process the simple act of filing them does to them.
The real good ones, however, get to survive in the end; mainly because it’s a very strong mental image about something or because it has that wow! factor that makes a story worthy to remember even if many years pass before it is finally set on paper. Sometimes, they even improve with age, as other ideas start to glue themselves to each other, creating the jigsaw puzzle that a good story represents.

Well, that was all for today’s insight about my creative process. Stay tuned for subsequent parts of this series.

Edwin Stark
Signing Off

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