The Great Venezuelan Bus Odyssey (Part #3)

Edwin StarkOk, time to resume from where we left off. Where was I? Ah, sloshing my way through the knee-deep mud hole into which the road to my house becomes every time it rains. I was miserable and wet and about to tell you about my few neighbors…

 On the mile-long street where I live, there are about 20 or so houses (though it’s hard to tell since the majority of them has vanished from sight, buried under thick layers of brambles and rows upon rows of elephant grass. Only two of these houses are properly inhabited.

Why so many empty houses? The answer is quite simple. Most of the people who bought houses in this failed housing development bought them to invest on the land, since one day (supposedly) a new freeway would be built close by. Well, the highway got built, and it passes a 100 yards away from the housing development… but all these would-be land speculators forgot to pay attention to the only really important detail that mattered: would there ever be a direct access ramp that would facilitate going on and off the highway?

Doh! There were no plans to build such thing; the place remains as worthless as it was nearly 15 years ago… or even worse. So most of these investors simply quit on their property, abandoning the houses they bought down here as a bad job.

But I’m not completely alone in this abandoned development. There’s the other one.

However, this individual I’m about to talk you about is not a nice guy. There’s a certain something i the place I have to live in that somehow brings out the worst of people. Don’t look at me in that funny way; I despise this place (if I had somewhere else where I could go, you’d be left speaking with the dust my feet have raised from the ground) and I had to buy a house here simply because there was nothing else I could afford.

But I’ve also noticed that this place seems to bolster any antisocial behavior present in those few who seem to enjoy living in it. I wanted to clarify that before I start to tell you about my “neighbor”.

Are you ready to meet him? Then tune in for my next blog post… when I find the nerve to tell you about this guy…

Edwin Stark

Signing Off

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