The Great Venezuelan Bus Odyssey (Part #1)

A few days ago, I wrote a post where I told you about this guy who’s willing to let me use his computer… only problem is he lives 300 miles away from me. You’d think that the major hurdle to surpass was getting from point A to point B without getting killed by the Venezuelan bus service and the bad roads, but nope. The first obstacle I have to deal with is getting out from my own home.

Explanations are about to follow. As many of my followers know, I live in a failed housing development located at the edge of a tropical rainforest. Being this close to the jungle has me trapped in the violent evaporation / condensation cycle this entails (I have a hygrometer lying around the house and it’s useless; its needle is stuck to the area that indicates a humidity factor of 70% and above, Jeeez). It’s raining almost constantly, so you can imagine how reluctant I’m about going out in a downpour that will get me drenched to the bones in a matter of seconds.

I have a personal test to determine how hard is it raining; I place one of those 5-gallon paint buckets (empty of course) in the open, directly under the rain, and I try to measure how fast the bucket fills to its rim. I just tested it and it took only 5 seconds to fill, and yep, it’s official. It’s simply a light drizzle. So I’ll have to go out and see if I can catch a bus to this guy’s home…

I’ll look around for my plastic poncho and see if Noah’s Ark is available to get me out of this spot…

Edwin Stark
Signing Off

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