An update on “Will there ever be an Aftermath?”


Any hopes this becomes a full novel?

Okay, so here is how it goes. I found someone willing to allow me some time on his PC. Of course, the apparently awkward phrasing above has a reason to exist. He’s allowing me to use his computer at his home; he isn’t lending me his PC, which means I still can’t work at home. It sounds nice until you realize that I have to travel to his house… which is located 300 miles away.

My main problem is that I don’t have many friends in Venezuela, but not due to the sick reason I can read in a few of the sick and twisted minds reading this. (You perverts, you!)

When I was a kid and a teenager I had lots of friends, particularly at school. I was that sort of crazy kid in the back of the classroom that was always striving to become the class clown, which made me very popular (the fact that I was actually funny helped a lot then; I can’t even imagine the disastrous consequences of what would have happened if I had been allowed to pursue a college education).

But due to the Venezuelan economic crisis, nearly every single one of my school buddies were forced to find a greener grass elsewhere and had to travel abroad. My high-school graduating class of 1984 is now scattered all across the globe.

Well, except this one who’s lending me some time on his computer.

And this is for those who don’t believe that I take my writing seriously. Every other day I’ll have to travel to his home by bus and, trust me on this, it won’t be a pleasant experience; mainly because I suspect Venezuelan buses are just an anachronistic remnant from the Spanish Inquisition and that Torquemada was personally involved in their design.

I’ll keep you posted… If I survive the required trips…

Edwin Stark

Signing Off

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