My Review of Noah Mullete Gillman’s “The Dead Have Ruled The Earth For 200 Years”…

Cool Book!


This is a reprint of my review of The Dead Have Ruled The Earth For 200 Years, by Noah Mullete Gillman. He’s a very inventive and eclectic fellow, which will surprise many out there, if he is eventually able to find his wave in the publishing industry.

He certainly can write about mystical abaminable… abomanible, amabonable… errr, that yeti guy, an extraterrestrial plague that decimates our planet, weird magic and, now, science-fiction zombies…

Regretably, this same eclectic characteristic of his, jumping from one subject matter to another, is the one responsible for keeping him in the shadows (I should know… the same is happening with my own books). So if you’re a fan of apocalyptic fiction, I encourage you to have a look into his work and this book in particular…

“This the fourth book by Noah Mullete-Gillman that I read; the first one made me have strong reminiscences of “The Shelter“, maybe the most terrifying Twilight episode EVER. The second one was a whimsical but creepy reinterpretation of the way magic operates in our minds (leave it to Mr. Noah to find a way to tell us that magic can have horrible consequences in our lives). The third book, an oblique prequel to the second, has us exploring the demise of ancient gods. You can always count on Mr. Mullete-Gillman for novel ideas and surprising twists. Now, in “The Dead Have Ruled Earth For 200 Years” he’s able to create a surprisingly convincing future with mechs and battle suits where zombies roam freely in a post-apocalyptic world. Normally, this mixture of totally different genres turns into a Frankenstein monster that haunts its creator later, but this author certainly has the required skill to pull this stunt and succeed.
As usual with Noah’s books, I found the expected horrifying visions and a healthy dose of(almost tongue-in-cheek) satire lurking below the surface. The surprising final O’Henry-type twist in the plot had me both laughing and shivering with revulsion, surely the signal of the level of mastery this writer has achieved. Great work!”

Edwin Stark

Signing Off

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