A book I heartily recommend…

Don't be a smuck! BUY THIS ONE!

Wow! A great book!

This is a reprint of my Amazon review of “Extinction Point – Book One”. It’s a book I certainly recommend to all fans of post-apocalyptic fiction. How much do I recommend it? Imagine this… This is one of those few books that ever made me want to reach for my wallet to buy the second part. (Something I couldn’t… I looked into it and it was empty … Since nobody buys my own books, I can’t afford the luxury ;-P )

This is a terrific, well-written end-of-the-world book. It tells us the tale of Emily Baxter, a young female reporter living in New York, who’s suddenly caught in the middle of a world-wide disaster that wipes out 99.9999 % of the world’s population.

The disaster, which comes in the form of a deadly red rain, not only kills but also triggers a strange change in the Earth’s ecosystem, using the dead bodies as the main component of this shift. It goes without saying that Emily isn’t too keen to stay around NYC while this happens.

Thus starts her exodus; usually, most post-apocalyptic books are nothing more than aimless “survival-shopping-lists” where you see the characters securing a lot of supplies for themselves; this one’s different and riveting while the female protagonist goes around fulfilling hers: the narrative really makes you care if she’s making the right choices.
As it is, she does well. The tension is done right, leaving you in wonder about what will happen to Emily next. I’ll definitely keep an eye for the sequel.

Go ahead and grab yourselves a copy… I don’t think you’ll regret it…. (I didn’t).

Edwin Stark

Signing Off

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One thought on “A book I heartily recommend…

  1. It does look extremely good! Thanks for the heads up!

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