Weeding Out The Blog

Edwin StarkOkay-Dokay. Maintenance time. Believe or not, even a small blog like this with less than a dozen followers needs some clean up from time to time.

First, there are the comments in the spam folder. The inevitable bots posting to offer me markerting deals, Nigerian scams telling me I won some lottery I’ve never heard about and messages offering to sell me Viagra at wholesale retail price. They all must go, particularly these last Viagra offers; I don’t need the stuff. Mainly because in this corner of the rainforest there are no pretty lady friends interested in playing with my Chocolate Thundah bar anyway. (The local womenfolk make shaven gorillas look attractive by sheer comparison; if Mr. Chocolate Thundah ever decided to raise his head for one of them… then I’ll know I’m in real trouble.)

Next, I’m purging out the comments left by people whose mental development has been obviously arrested around the lower 50s in the IQ scale. (“Whaaa… you really live in a rainforest, dudddee?!?“… as if the title at the top of the screen was there just for show… ). Then they’re followed by the few comments posted that are only interested in sparking controversy (No, thanks… If I want controversy, I’ll stir my own) or try to argue the opposite side of whatever viewpoint I’m trying to establish in here.

Then, I have to moderate the comments that really add something to this blog. (Namely… nil)

And my next task is to dream up another topic to post here. On desperate occasions, I’ll cook up some menial notion, maybe something like “Weeding out the blog” and start ranting how hard is to keep a blog up. Oopsie! Did I type that out loud…?

I guess I did…

Edwin Stark
Signing Off

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