Will there ever be an “Aftermath”?


Any hopes this becomes a full novel?

While I’m enjoying the little irony behind the pun in the title of this blog post, I’d like to my best to elucidate it (everything for my three-only followers here). Recently, I published “Aftermath and other Zombie Shorts” through Amazon’s KDP (Kindle blah, blah; the meaning of acronyms escape me after a while if they don’t play a relevant part in my life), and then I offered this little book through two days of the service’s free copies promotion feature.

The results were… interesting. About 250 free copies were distributed, 12 got sold (mostly online friends and kind strangers: let’s not get too excited over these numbers) and the most important thing: the book earned at least 7 or 8 good reviews spread all over the Amazon, Amazon UK and Goodreads web sites.

But here is the most important part: 3 of those reviews made note that the readers behind them would love to continue reading about Danny Cargill’s adventures in his Brave New and Improved Zombified America.

Well, I’ve got good news for those readers. The book is already written… in 19 legal pads conforming a 110 k words long novel (about 350 pages in a book), and in my horrible handwriting. (How horrible? People ask me to write the “thank-you” notes that they will send to their doctors… as a mean of retaliation… drum rolls, please).

The bad news? (There always are bad news, I tell you). I have no working PC and no way to transcribe these into their final electronic form, ready for publishing. I’m writing this blog post on a cell phone with a 2-inch wide screen and with one of those keyboards where you have to hit the same key twenty-three times to get it to display the letter “M” on its screen.

The little darling works fine for jotting down these posts and a few notes here and there… maybe even correct a small text on-the-fly… but to write a full-fledged novel? Oh, heavens.

Ok, that’s it for today. Keep hanging around (the three of you) for a few follow-up posts concerning this topic

Edwin Stark
Signing Off

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One thought on “Will there ever be an “Aftermath”?

  1. Anonymous

    I was one of the ones who downloaded a free copy. I haven’t gotten around to reading it yet, due to I have several other zombie books I have to finish reading first. I love books on zombies or the zombie apocalypse. I’ve read many short stories and some really long novels on my favorite subject, Zombies. If the book or story is good, I always give it a good review and the post a review on it in my little group on facebook and a website I belong too. So give me a few days to get my reading caught up and I’ll let you know what I think about it. Good or bad, I’ll be honest…

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