Help Me Change The World One Book at a Time

Edwin StarkImagine a better world, where ignorance is kept at bay and people have a real opportunity to improve themselves and be able to fight for a better life.

Well, ready? It isn’t going to happen on its own. This dreams needs my help (and particularly yours) to become a reality…

Of late, the government of my home country has kept cutting the funds alloted to the Venezuelan branch of Fe y Alegria, an international organization whose goal in life has always been the education of the lower classes. The logic behind this high-level decision is pervasive but sound: Keep the lower classes ignorant, so they remain gullible as hell. The more gullible they stay, the more votes they cast in their favor whenever the government looses the strings of the budgetary purse.

The equation is simple; anyone who fails to see it is just a moron. Of course, this has been done in a very hush-hush fashion, under the threat that if this information leaks out, the money that comes out from the government will be further reduced…

Therefore, to make up for this injustice I’m creating the CHANGE THE WORLD… ONE BOOK AT A TIME.

The premise of this program is simple:

This time I’m giving away cash to several worthy causes, Like Fe y Alegria and a few Environmetalist projects I favor. And YOU get to decide how much money they get :   When one of my books hits either Amazon or BN’s top 100, I’ll donate $500 in local currency to Fe y Alegria.   When a book hits the top 20 at either Amazon or BN, I’ll double the donation.   AND IF we drive one of my titles to the USA Today or New York Times bestseller lists, I’ll donate a total of $3,000 to this endeavor…

What can you do to help? Just spread the word around. Facebook and Tweet this project around like crazy… Below is the list of books that will be included in this… there’s one for EVERYONE’S taste!




The Clayton Chronicles

AI Rebellion

This will be a LOT of money; after all, the average Venezuelan minimal wage is little below $200 PER month.

Follow this blog for updates on the progress of this project.

Please disappoint the cynical individual in me that has such a very low opinion of the human race in general. I know we can make it with everybody’s help.

Edwin Stark Signing off.

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