Life in The Jungle: Some good amongst the evil that’s enshroading my home country

Edwin StarkI’m here today to share a typical Venezuelan love story:

Yesterday I had plenty of time to think about it, since my favorite radio talk show didn’t air as usual (heck! I only get ONE radio station this far from civilization; it’s a fading-in-and-out thingy you barely can make out what’s being said) because the main guest, a lady reporter who’s living in exile at Miami, wasn’t around to fuel it as always. She was accused with charges to conspire intelectually for murder of a prominent figure(head) about ten years ago, and she has been running for her life since a decade or so (Venezuelan prisons = DEATH, for the mentally challenged out there). She had to leave behind a lot of property (which got immediately confiscated) and family and friends. Luckily, she was influential enough to find a job writing a regular column in the Miami Herald.

During the years, working hard to regain the freedom our country lost, she met with another dissident, a guy who’s forced into exile and who lives in Peru. With time they discovered they had a lot in common and this eventually led to a long-distance relation ship and therefore to marriage. Good for them.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the crime the current regime charged the poor guy with, he’s unable to reach American soil (the US government, dumbass as usual, automatically believe these allegations… coming from a country that had become totally inimical to American interests during the past decade), so they have to live apart most of the time; she staying in Miami and him remaining in Peru. I bring this about, because yesterday this lady and this guy were finally able to spend their honeymoon together after three years of separation… in Panama; the only common ground they were able to agree upon.

The (temporarily) happy couple will be together for a week… and then everything will be business as usual and they’ll have to split once more. You know, one day, this would become a great tale to be told… if only a happy ending was ever possible. 

 How will it all end? Only time can tell… elections are coming and I suspect Venezuela will become a major groundbreaking news in two months hence. Will we regain democracy… or are we doomed to endure our El Presidento for another 6 years?

Meanwhile, I’m here waiting the world to get my books noticed, well enough so I can sell sufficient copies to escape this accursed South American Jungle I’m trapped in…

Edwin Stark
Signing off.

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